Bio-toilet Testing Lab opened at Rameswaram Station

Madurai: Madurai Railway Division inaugurated a laboratory at Rameswaram station to test the efficiency of bio-toilets on coaches.

Rameswaram is the green station of Madurai Railway Division, where more eco-friendly activities are being undertaken this year.

As part of this initiative, all the 145 coaches maintained at the station are fitted with bio-toilets to prevent defecation on railway tracks. Four major trains are maintained in Rameswaram viz. Sethu Express, Rameswaram-Okha Express, Rameswaram-Kanyakumari Express and Rameswaram-Tirupathi Express.

In addition to these, 282 coaches of the 778 coaches maintained by Madurai Division are fitted with bio-toilets. The division is taking measures to convert all the coaches into bio-toilets-fitted coaches in the future.

Divisional Railway Manager Sunil Kumar Garg and Additional Divisional Railway Manager R V B Babu inaugurated the laboratory which will test the efficacy of the inoculum bacteria that is loaded in the bio-toilets.