Bizarre! Indian Railways’ Electric Locomotive goes missing

After Railways launching a massive hunt for a missing Locomotive, the same was found to be on Emergency Duty in East Coast Railway; now returned back to its home shed on Sunday!

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, Indian Railways launched a massive hunt for a 120 tonne electric locomotive of the Tughlakabad shed which went missing for almost a month as its whereabouts were not known to anyone.

Electric engine was on duty in the east coast railways headquartered in Bhubneshwar and was supposed to reach its home shed in Tughlakanad by June 15. But it did not come on the set date and officials thought that it must be on duty somewhere in the country and would return soon.

Reports said that engine number 23384 was supposed to reach its home shed – Tughlakabad near Delhi – on June 15 for scheduled repair. When the loco did not arrive, officials at the shed assumed that it may be on duty in some part of the country and will make its way back soon.

As days passed, officials got concerned and a massive hunt was launched in 16 zonal railways to look out for the loco. Railway Board sent out an order to all zones asking to find the missing loco.

After the massive hunt, the loco was found to be on emergency duty in East coast Railway and retuned back to its home shed on Sunday.

“It was found that the loco developed snag near Talcher in Odisha and it was fixed. After that it was put on some emergency duty by East Coast Railways and there was some miscommunication between Tughlakanad shed and East Coast Railways which led to this,” said a railway spokesperson.


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