BMRCL co-branding RFP evokes good response from companies above Rs.1000 Cr turnover

बेंगुलुरु Bangalore (SBC): An attempt at ‘co-branding’ a station of Namma Metro seems to have received ‘substantial’ interest, if Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) sources are to be believed. U.A.Vasanth Rao, General Manager (Finance), BMRCL, said a tender issued on July 9 for co-branding of Trinity Metro Station has received a ‘very good’ response. BMRCL officials are now hoping that the enthusiasm for the technical bid will carry over to the financial bidding process.

Without disclosing the number of bidders, he said banks, real estate and financial companies in the vicinity of the station were the largest segment among the respondents. Mr. Rao said, “Mobile phone companies have also shown keen interest.”

Part of the co-branding initiative is to get the brand associated with names of stations. So, an instance of the announcement that would be made is: You are approaching ‘Trinity (brand name) Station’. Mr. Rao said BMRCL is targeting only ‘big brands’, i.e. companies in the big league with a turnover of above Rs. 1,000 crore, to partner as advertisers.

Besides a 10 ft X 5 ft kiosk to showcase the company’s products, its signage will appear every five minutes (when Namma Metro is fully operational) with the brand name mentioned 1,000 times in announcements . Co-branding would be done ‘wherever feasible’ at other Metro stations as well. The aim was to get a share of people’s mind space with ‘gentle’ advertising that would subtly persuade commuters through visual and audio media, he said.

  • BMRCL invites ‘co-branding’ for Trinity station
  • First time in India a Metro station will be ‘co-branded’
  • Financial, telecom, real estate companies, banks are among those interested