Chikkaballapur Railway Station – Boarding trains is tedious here

Chikkaballapur March 25: Development work is on at the railway station, but the residents of the city are again at the receiving end of improper planning of projects.

The wall of the platform at the railway station in the City has been demolished for development work and the railway lines are being moved. As a result, however, passengers have to struggle to climb into and out of trains. Women and senior citizens are the worst affected due to the lack of a proper platform.

Old platform

“The trains used to stop earlier on the tracks right next to the platform. Now, after the platform was completely pulled down for development work and the tracks were shifted, no new platform was provided as an alternative to the new stops of the trains,” said the passengers.

“The Railway Department officers naturally were aware of the development work that would be undertaken, yet took no efforts to construct a new platform before bringing down the old. We should have been provided a platform at least to help us reach the heights of the train steps. Women, children, senior citizens, and physically challenged passengers have a very difficult time entering and even getting off trains now,” said a Passenger.