Bombardier bags Contract worth Rs.1500 Crore for Supply of 162 ‘Movia’ cars to DMRC

Bombardier MoviaAhmedabad (ADI): Rail technology major Bombardier Transportation, which has a manufacturing facility in Vadodara, has won a contract to supply 162 ‘Movia’ metro cars to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRC).

New trains will increase the number of DMRC’s existing fleet of ‘Movia’ metros from 614 to 776 and make it one of the largest metro fleets in the world, Bombardier said in a statement.

The order is valued at approximately Rs 1,500 crore, and delivery will begin in the third quarter of 2016 and is expected to end in early 2018, it added.

These 162 new metro cars will be built at Bombardier’s railway vehicle manufacturing facility and bogie assembly hall at Savli near Vadodara.

The company also has a propulsion systems manufacturing facility at Maneja in Vadodara.

“We are pleased to have received this new order for another 162 Movia vehicles for New Delhi. These additional trains will be delivered from our state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in Vadodara,” Bombardier Transportation’s Chief Country Representative Harsh Dhingra said.

In its six-car configuration, these new vehicles will accommodate up to 740 more passengers and once configured into eight-car sets, they will carry as many as 2,960 passengers and provide a much needed capacity increase on two of Delhi’s main metro lines, it added.

Bombardier Movia Metro Cars and its Design features

MOVIA metro cars, which are manufactured by Bombardier Transportation to provide a safe and cost-efficient service, are currently operational in a large number of metro rail networks across the globe.

MOVIA metro cars are used on the Guangzhou Metro, Shanghai Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Bucharest Metro, Singapore MRT, London Underground (designated S Stock and 2009 Stock), Toronto Subway (Toronto Rocket) and Delhi Metro. MOVIA metro cars transport over seven billion people every year.

MOVIA metro vehicles incorporate a modular design for a broad range of applications. MOVIA metro vehicles incorporate a modular design for a broad range of applications. The structure and car-bodies can be fully modified according to the operator’s requirements. Developed from a standardised platform, MOVIA metro cars reduce running costs by ensuring easy maintenance and repair. The environmentally-friendly cars offer low lifecycle costs for operators.

MOVIA incorporates a stainless steel car body and an innovative propulsion system. It can be modified according to local climate conditions, while the train’s steering and management system is easily accessible for periodic maintenance. Vehicles are equipped with modern passenger information systems and surveillance systems in every car set.

The metro cars consist of FLEXX Metro 3000 bogies, which feature modern interior and exterior design. Carriages with wide doors and roomy gangways deliver improved access to passengers. Lightweight bogies enable optimum usage of vehicle capacity with less energy consumption. Other notable features include top-class steering performance, low noise and reduced lifecycle costs.

MOVIA metro trains have a maximum operational speed of 85km/h.

Propulsion and control of MOVIA metro cars

The cars are powered by an advanced propulsion system for achieving low energy consumption. The MITRAC (Modular Integrated TRACtion system) 1,000 propulsion and control system can support vehicles using 750/1,500/3,000V DC, 15/25kV AC and diesel electric propulsion.

Orders and deliveries of MOVIA metro cars

Bombardier has received orders for more than 3,900 MOVIA metro cars to date.

In October 2012, Bombardier delivered the first of 73 Movia C951 metro cars to te Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) under a €298m ($389m) contract. The driverless metro cars will run on stages I, II and III of the Singapore Downtown Line.

In July 2007, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) placed a contract with Bombardier Transportation for 340 MOVIA metro cars for operation on the extended Delhi Metro Network. DMRC also exercised options for an additional 84 MOVIA metro cars in March 2008 and a further 114 in July 2010. It ordered 76 more cars in September 2011, bringing the total number of orders to 614. Deliveries are expected to finish by May 2013.

In November 2006, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group placed an order for 306 MOVIA metro cars for Shanghai Line 9. Bombardier received an order for 192 MOVIA metro cars for Shanghai Line 7 in May 2007. An additional order for 246 cars for Line 12 of Shanghai metro was placed in 2009.

In January 2005, Bombardier was awarded a contract by Metrorex to supply 20 six-car MOVIA rolling stock for the Bucharest Metro. An further order for six trains was placed in January 2007.

Shanghai Shentong Metro Group placed an order for 96 MOVIA metros for Shanghai Line 1 in 2004. Bombardier received contracts to supply new metro cars for the London Underground in 2003. Under various contracts awarded by Transport for London (TfL), Bombardier delivered 47 eight-car trains for the London Underground and 177 trains for sub-surface lines.

In November 2001, Shenzhen Metro Corporation placed an order for 22 six-car MOVIA metros for lines 1 and 4 of its metro.

In August 2000, Bombardier received a contract from Guangzhou Metro Corporation (GMC) for 26 six-car 156 MOVIA metros, spares and associated services. A follow-on order for eight six-car MOVIA metros was placed in October 2004.