Bombardier keen to bring Zefiro High-speed Rail Technology to India

Zefiro Very High Speed Trainअहमदाबाद Ahmedabad (ADI): The NDA Government’s dream railway project – Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project – has evoked positive response from the Canadian aerospace and transportation company, Bombardier Transportation. The company has said that it is bullish about the upcoming high speed rail project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. “Bombardier is one of the global leaders for high speed and very high speed trains with over 900 trains delivered worldwide. Our Zefiro high-speed trains are energy efficient with high capacity and smart interiors. Once the tender details are finalised, we would be very keen to participate and bring our high-speed train technology to India,” said Daniel Daigle, Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Bombardier Transportation. He added that Bombardier has been following the developments of Ahmedabad Metro and that it will evaluate bidding for the project once tender specifications are issued.

The company stated that in the wake of the new government allowing 100 per cent FDI in Railways, it was open to more investments and increasing employee base locally subject to winning the projects it is currently pursuing for India.

“For a company like Bombardier, which has been investing in India for the last five decades, it gives us an impetus to invest more towards transforming the rail transportation in India. We are interested in various rail projects in India and hoping to embark on a journey together with the new government to bring world-class rail infrastructure,” Daigle added.

Meanwhile, the Canadian firm is reportedly looking at developing its Savli facility, Gujarat, as an export hub. In recent times, the company has bagged several orders from various parts of the world including Brazil and Australia. Substantial portion of its $2.7 billion order book is expected to be executed at its Savli and Maneja facilities near Vadodara.

“QNGR is one of the largest projects for Bombardier Transportation globally and Savli site will manufacture 450 commuter cars along with its bogies. Substantial portion of $ 2.7 billion for Bombardier Transportation will be executed at its Indian sites in Savli and Maneja, both near Vadodara,” said Daigle.

Having made one of its most important and strategic investments of Rs 230 crore in Savli site near Vadodara, Bombardier Transportation is developing it with an intention to promote export oriented activities. “As the site was built with the intention to develop export-oriented activities also, Bombardier keep evaluating prospects for exporting metro cars and bogies to Asia Pacific, Europe and North America,” said Daigle.

Post delivering more than 600 metro cars to Delhi metro, Savli site received its first export order in June 2012 only three years after commencing commercial production, to supply bogie components for Adelaide EMUs to Bombardier Transportation Australia. Subsequently, the Savli site also started exporting bogie components for commuter trains in Victoria to Bombardier Transportation Australia. In its third export order, it is exporting 521 bogie frames to Bombardier Transportation Brazil for Sao Paulo monorail.

About ZEFIRO High Speed Train

Bombardier ZEFIRO high speed (HS) and very high speed (VHS) family embodies The Evolution of Mobility. It takes rail transport to the next level by setting the benchmark in very high performance, very high efficiency and very high dedication.

As one of the world’s fastest VHS trains – up to 380 kilometres per hour – the ZEFIRO platform may be the ‘fastest way to save the planet.’ Its leading-edge technologies and advanced aerodynamics drive down energy consumption and operating costs. This ultra-modern train also combines the segment’s highest capacity with pioneering levels of passenger comfort.

True interoperability across national borders

Bombardier ZEFIRO HS and VHS trains are compatible with different power supply, signalling and train control systems. This allows cross-border operation on all AC and DC powered lines for true pan-continental interoperability.

Efficiencies of up to 50%

The integration of Bombardier ECO4 technologies ( optimizes energy use, decreases waste, minimizes CO2 output and increases economic value. The result? Efficiency gains of up to 50%.

Better economics

ZEFIRO maximizes revenue generation with its high capacity, low operating costs and ability to seamlessly cross borders and operate at different speeds.

Superior aerodynamic performance

As a world-leading aerospace manufacturer, we’ve applied the lessons learned in aerodynamic design in aviation to the ZEFIRO portfolio. The result is better aerodynamic efficiency and overall train performance in terms of speed, safety and noise reduction.

Increased interior design flexibility

The ZEFIRO family features new advancements in interior design, allowing operators to modify interior layouts to fit fluctuations in rider volume and make-up. Luggage capacity and seating configurations can be quickly altered to address specific requirements.

Why choose ZEFIRO high speed and very high speed trains

  • Extremely high reliability and proven technology
  • Best-in-segment seating capacity
  • Lowest energy consumption per passenger
  • Significant potential for subsequent installation of additional equipment
    • Unrivalled flexibility of applications
    • Speed range from 250 to 380 kilometres per hour
    • Flexible train length up to 428 metres or 16 cars
    • Scalable traction power
    • Up to four different power supply voltages (1,5 & 3 kV DC, 15 & 25 kV AC)
    • Customized front-car design and interior layouts
    • Carbody in UIC or wide-body profile
    • Flexibility for different interior layouts
  • Interoperability across national borders with proven and homologated components
  • Full compliance with all new TSI standards

ZEFIRO 250 – China

One of the world’s fastest sleeper trains, the ZEFIRO 250 combines comfortable long-distance travel, robust reliability and environmentally friendly clean speed.

With delivery starting in 2009, Bombardier first variant of the ZEFIRO concept was a series of 20 EMU sleeper trains manufactured by Bombardier joint venture Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation (BSP). These trains are setting a new standard in interior design and equipment for high speed rail in China. This includes sleeping compartments that provide the highest level of comfort for overnight travel.

In July 2010, China’s MOR ordered another 40 eight-car trainsets – a non-sleeper version enhanced with a dedicated VIP car incorporating first-class seating. A non-sleeper version will soon be available for this speed segment in Europe.

ZEFIRO 380 – China

The ZEFIRO 380 is one of the world’s most eco-friendly very high speed (VHS) trains thanks to advanced aerodynamics and Bombardier energy-saving ECO4 technologies. It also offers the highest capacity (1,336 seats) of any VHS train. This superior energy efficiency and capacity give ZEFIRO, one of the world’s fastest series-production trains, the lowest energy consumption per seat in VHS rail travel.

By setting new benchmarks for clean speed and long-distance rail travel, the ZEFIRO 380 redefines very high speed rail by harmonizing the often conflicting demands of economy and ecology.

V300ZEFIRO – Italy

In September 2010, the Italian railway operator Trenitalia ordered 50 V300ZEFIRO trainsets (400 cars). TheV300ZEFIRO is the first train in Europe based on Bombardier ZEFIRO high speed train platform.

Developed jointly with a strategic partner, the V300ZEFIRO meets all the latest TSI requirements of most European countries. With its multi-voltage technology, it enables universal cross-border mobility.

Reaching a commercial speed of up to 360 kilometres per hour, the V300ZEFIRO is also one of Europe’s fastest trains. It comes in eight-car and 16-car configurations. The eight-car train seats up to 600 passengers and has a bistro or restaurant. The 16-car train seats up to 1,200 passengers and includes dining facilities.

The V300ZEFIRO is the future of rail travel with its:

  • sophisticated aerodynamics
  • energy-saving technologies
  • exceptional passenger comfort

Leadership in high speed rail

Bombardier expertise in the high speed segment is unmatched. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped deliver 850 trains and vehicles for high speed and very high speed applications. We’ve also participated in 95% of Europe’s VHS trains.

Breakthroughs in industrial design

ZEFIRO is based on proven technology but also pushes the envelope in aerodynamics, aesthetics, functionality, interior comfort and future adaptability. Several of these industrial design concepts were adapted from Bombardier award-winning aerospace technologies.
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