Bombardier rakes on CR to have hexagonal Grab Pole replaced by Single Pole, Wider Seats, & larger Luggage Racks

Bombardier rakesMumbai: Among various suggestions, the new series of Bombardier rakes will have the hexagonal grab pole replaced by a single pole, wider seats, and larger luggage racks.

Removing the hexagonal angle grab pole at the door of coaches, widening of seats, and increasing the size of luggage racks are the three major suggestions of commuters that have been accepted for the new Bombardier trains.

These three recommendations, along with various other suggestions of passengers that were compiled by the railway staff, have been sent to the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai, where series production of Bombardier trains will soon begin. The new rakes with the changes are expected by March next year.

Meanwhile, the two Bombardier trains that have been operating at a speed restriction of 80 kmph between Churchgate and Virar, will now be run at speeds between 100 and 105 kmph from Saturday.

“The survey threw up interesting suggestions and while three have been accepted, many other points have been included in the final list for consideration. The trains will not have the hexagonal handle at the door and seats in the first class compartments will be made wider,” said Shailendra Kumar, WR divisional railway manager. “The double grab handles in the compartment and increased leg space has been appreciated by commuters, and so has the interiors,” he added.

The railways had formed a five-member team that travelled in the trains and sought information and suggestions from over 3,000 commuters during the survey. Of these, about 30 per cent were not satisfied with the hexagonal centre pole at the door, and suggested replacing it with a single rod, as provided in Siemens rakes.

In the Bombardier rakes, there is very little space between fan switches and the luggage rack, making it inconvenient to operate. Passengers have asked for this to be increased, and also demanded more fans, which the railways said they would consider.

Commuters also the Passenger Information System’s location is such that grab handles obstruct it, making it difficult to read. They recommended it be relocated a bit higher up.

The two Bombardier trains in operation had been dispatched to the city from the Chennai factory in October 2013. They were put in service after rigorous trials in March 2015, but with restricted speed. “The two rakes will now be run between 100 and 105 kmph from Saturday on the fast corridor beyond Borivali,” Kumar said. “It is not likely to make much of a difference where time-saving is concerned, as the existing Siemens trains already run at those speeds,” he added.

Other suggestions of commuters include:

Provision of TV in coaches, fan switch to be shifted near door, change direction of fans to benefit all passengers, provide comfortable seats as passengers have to sit hunched, select dark colour to avoid stains, have AC coaches, charger points and dustbins , display indicator should be above door, window glasses need film coatings, two luggage racks should be joined and made one, avoid advertisements in coaches, reduce volume of announcement speakers, provide automatic closing doors, handles needed between seats, steel grills behind seats near doors should be made narrower, CCTV cameras for safety, reduce noise of ventilation system, increase ladies compartments, luggage rack should be moulded upwards, LED lights, two smaller tubelights instead of one 4ft long.

Central Railway to create Awareness on use of Bio-Toilets

In a meeting on Friday the Central Railways (CR) said they will soon issue instructions and create awareness among the commuters on proper use of bio-toilets so that they are not stacked up with garbage leading to stink in the entire coach.

It was reported last week on how bio-toilets that were fitted in the central railway train coaches stank so much so that it was unbearable for those sitting near the toilets. Unlike traditional train toilets that discharge waste on the tracks, the new system treats the waste inside a tank with the help of bacteria and converts it into harmless gas and water. The issue was discussed at the Divisional Users’ Consultative Committee meeting where the assurance was given. “The officials will put up stickers in the trains to educate commuters on how to use bio-toilets,” Subhash Gupta, passenger committee member said.

According to CR official data, of the 4,000 coaches of the long-distance CR trains, 450 were fitted with bio-toilets. The project had gathered momentum after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and urged authorities to maintain cleanliness in trains and on tracks. A few coaches in the Rajdhani Express trains of Western Railway were also provided with bio-toilets