Bonatrans starts new Production Plant in India to target APAC Rail Market

Bonatrans Inauguration
Top Official from Bonatrans at the Auspicious Inauguration of the Plant at Aurangabad in India

Aurangabad: GHH-BONATRANS Group announced setting up of its newly built manufacturing plant BONATRANS India Private Limited at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India equipped with top class technology.

Primarily the plant is ready to cater with the capacities in first phase of 20,000 Wheels, 10,000 Axles and 6,000 Wheel sets while the upgrade of technology, research & training to 100 Nos. of full time employees and 100+ indirect associates would reinforce the Company’s advancement towards better solutions.

Officials of Bonatrans witnessing the auspicious inauguration of the event at Aurangabad
Officials of Bonatrans witnessing the auspicious inauguration of the Production Plant at Aurangabad

Bonatrans India offers complete railroad wheel sets for all applications, including assemblies of components such as brake discs, bearing boxes, drives and gearboxes, noise absorbers, etc.

Bonatrans product catalogue offers vivid wheel set solutions viz.dimensions vary from the smallest freight wheel sets (dia.360 mm) for low-floor flat cars for the transport of lorries, to the biggest locomotive wheel sets (dia. 1,250 mm). The product line also includes wheel sets for large axle loads (>25T) with high thermal loading resistance for freight wagons, as well as wheel sets for high speeds and other special applications worldwide.

Cultural event at the Bonatrans Inauguration event
A Cultural Festival organised by the Bonatrans India team during the Inaugural Function at Aurangabad

Out of Bonatrans’s 400+ customers from 80+ countries, the company announced to have served Indian Railways for last 25 years. Being now physically located much closer, the Company is positive to contribute more efficiently to reach uniformity of wheel sets for Locomotive, Passenger, Freight stock & Metro train networks, which should lead to lean technical and cost solutions, certainly increasing minimum average speed of rolling stock more than 100+ kmph.

Bonatrans wheelsetsRail Transportation is growing at very fast rate as per the population requirement, which will open options of city tram train network where the Company claims to have excellence to offer, too. The company announced that the regular production got started by mid of September 2015, making first supply to Kochi Metro RS1 Project. Since then production is gradually increasing to serve for other domestic and export requirements, with metro train & conventional rail network applications executing by various system venders like Alstom, BEML, BHEL, Bombardier, RITES, Private freight car builders and Indian Railways units etc.

Bonatrans officials at the Inauguration“We are very much appreciating and adopting the Make in India program initiated by the respected Prime Minister of India! In line with this we are open to team up with Government & Pubic Sector Units to achieve the nation’s common goal of a prosperous growth” the company said in a statement.

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