Book your train tickets online in just 3 minutes with the much advanced IRCTC site soon!

There is good news for the people who book train tickets online. A new and modern website of Indian Railways is being launched soon. Now, neither will it take you much time to book your tickets, nor your transaction will fail.

The new website of Indian Railways, set to launch in November this year, will be three times faster than the current working website. Therefore, if it takes you ten minutes to book the tickets on the current site, it will take you just two-three minutes for the booking on the new one. The new website will be based on beta-version. You will be redirected to the new website whenever you open the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) site November onwards.

The new website will contain much other information. The site is being made with help of a German company which will be far more better and advanced than the current website.

IRCTC website presently books 2000 tickets online in a minute. The new system will enable the site to book around 7000 tickets in a minute. That means, the new site will work faster than the present site at a rate of 5000 tickets/minute.

Now, if the speed of booking the tickets will increase, the booking ration will increase as well. The current website books 5 lakh tickets daily but after the new site is launched in November, around 15 lakh tickets can be booked online daily.