Bright future for Rail related industries: JP Chowdhary, Chairman, Titagarh Wagons

In a chat, JP Chowdhary, Chairman, Titagarh Wagons says we hope that with all the new initiatives that the minister has announced in the budget today, things should be fairly bright in the years to come

JP Chowdhary Chairman Titagarh WagonsQ: The wagon outlay was very robust in the year gone by. I think that those measures would continue is doing something off the railway budget as well as we have seen in the month of February. Would you have expected something more from the rail minister?

JP Chowdhary: Yes, the wagon tender as you know is already out and it is under finalisation now and we hope that with all the new initiatives that the minister has announced in the budget today, things should be fairly bright in the years to come. He has announced three new dedicated freight corridors. He has announced greater emphasis on the completion of the existing freight corridors, all the things are going to be quite helpful in looking towards the future of the railways and also the future of the railway related industry.

Q: A lot of wagon procurement announcements and order inflows are happening in and around this budget as well. We saw some announcements in January, maybe some projects will be awarded in March. Do you think that with this 45 per cent increase in wagon outlay that we saw last year, you could have an equal percentage increase for FY17 as well? I did not hear any specific mention with regards to that.

JP Chowdhary: Well one has to go into the details of the budget to find out the exact figures but suffice it to say that the whole trend is very positive. It becomes very clear from the minister’s emphasis that he realises the importance to be given to the freight traffic and he is taking a number of initiatives in that regard. So the exact number of wagons may depend on the traffic conditions but we have made a representation to the railways that wagon is a long-term investment, it is creation of a capital asset and that should not be driven by the vagaries of any short-term downturn in the traffic to say. So we are sure that railways will continue to make healthy procurement for capital assets like wagon.



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