Cabling for CCTV starts at Bhubaneswar Railway station

Bhubaneswar (BBS): The East Coast Railway (ECoR) on Wednesday started the process of installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and other security gadgets at the Bhubaneswar railway station. The ECoR would spend nearly Rs 2 crore on it. Railway stations in Cuttack, Puri and Visakhapatnam would also witness massive security makeover under the integrated security project.

“Cabling work around the city station has started. A total of 30 high frequency CCTV cameras would be installed. The integrated security system includes personal and baggage screening, access control and explosive detection,” said a senior officer of the railway protection force. “High frequency colour cameras with day and night vision will be installed for keeping an eye on movements of people on platforms, parking lots and surrounding areas,” he said.

There will be vehicle surveillance system with boom barriers and advanced vehicle scanners outside the station, he added.