Cargo earnings go up by over 8%

Indian Railways have earned INR 22,795.55 crores from cargo traffic during April-June 2013 as compared to INR 21,027.96 crore during the corresponding period previous year, registering an boost of 8.41%.

Railways carried 256.79 million tonnes (mt) of cargo during April-June 2013 as compared to 244.81 mt carried during the same period previous year, registering an boost of 4.89%.

Out of the total earnings of INR 7471.30 crore from freight traffic during June 2013, INR 3360.90 crore came from transportation of 42.33 MT of coal, followed by INR 668.91 crore from 9.82 mt of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic user.

The national transporter earned INR 660.35 crore from 8.23 mt of cement, INR 563.70 crore from 4.15 mt of foodgrains, INR 447.67 crore from 3.60 MT of petroleum oil and lubricant (POL), INR 473.48 crore from 2.96 MT of pig iron and finished steel from steel plants and other points, INR 378.40 crore from 3.77 mt of fertilizers, INR 120.01 crore from 1.49 mt of raw material for steel plants except iron ore, INR 356.28 crore from 3.48 mt by container service and INR 441.60 crore from 5.12 mt of other goods.