5 railway cops didn’t help blind man – kept staring

Kalyan: Two days after a blind man fell through the gap between a platform and a train at Kalyan station on Monday and severed a leg, the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the station confirmed that a government railway police (GRP) official and five Home Guards present at the spot had not rushed to the victim’s aid.

Deputy commissioner of police G S Bhandare, who was investigating the allegation, found that GRP constable identified only as Rajput and the five Home Guards, whose names were not disclosed, guilty of negligence.

The three volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party (AAM), who rescued the victim on May 13, had alleged that personnel did not heed to the victim’s cries for help; instead they waited for the suburban train to move so that he could be pulled out.

In his statement to the police, Rajput reportedly admitted that the three AAP volunteers approached them for help. He said the four men pulled out the victim from the gap, brought a stretcher and rushed him to a nearby hospital. He also claimed that he, too, helped them place the victim on the stretcher. But the CCTV grabs clearly show only the three volunteers and porter taking the victim on the stretcher; no personnel followed them.

Bhandare said, “We have recorded Rajput’s statement, but are yet to come to any conclusion.”

Now, the GRP is blaming the Railway Police Force (RPF), under whom the Home Guards work, claiming that they do not come forward to help victims.

The GRP also claimed that after the incident, one of the home guards had suggested that would pull out the victim after the train left the station. This was confirmed by the three volunteers.

A senior railway official said that if a motorman learns that someone has come under the train, they do not run the train till the victim or the body is removed.

AAP volunteer Satyajeet Burman accused senior police inspector Arun Jagtap of not making the CCTV footage available to them despite directions from the Bhandare. “Bhandare agreed to give us the CCTV footage, but Jagtap refused,” said Burman.

The police said victim, who is around 35 years old, is yet to be identified. He is still undergoing treatment at Sion hospital.