Central Railway adopts Rainwater Harvesting at Stations

Mumbai: Rapid urbanisation has resulted in a decrease in infiltration of rainwater into the subsoil drastically, thus diminishing groundwater recharge. Central Railway has adopted Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) as a part of finding solution to the ever-increasing need for water. It has already installed RWH at 50 different locations like railway stations, maintenance sheds and few colonies in the last 5 years. Notable among the installations is Lokmanya Tilak Terminus which has low-cost and no-maintenance RWH costing approximately Rs.10 lakh. CR has identified the area and a 2,000-metre trench with cross section of 1.5 metre x 1.0 metre excavated and filled with crushed stone of different grading. These crushed stones provide a medium to collect rainwater and create the pressure head, which increases the percolation rate of soil.