Central Railway gets rid of 3 BHEL Rakes to improve the Overall Punctuality

Mumbai: Desperate due the tendency of its eight Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) rakes to break down, Central Railway (CR) has removed three of them out of service. The move also seeks to improve the overall punctuality of the CR.

The BHEL rakes have been the bane of the CR, as they have been responsible for around 200 failures in the last year itself.

Tired of having to fix a stranded train that often throws the CR’s train timing out of gear, the officials have decided that it’s just better not to run the trains at all.

An official, on the condition of anonymity, said, “These trains suck the life out of us because no matter how much we maintain them in the workshops, they just stop mid-way and do not move an inch, we have to either shutdown the train and reboot its electricals or we have send in an engine to drag it away.”

The BHEL train is a combination body of old coaches and even older electrical equipment including motors.

Officials said that they have been running their back-up trains instead. “We added some more inputs to the back-up rakes and have replaced three BHEL rakes,” added the official.

Officials want to get rid of the remaining five rakes as well, but are waiting for the Western Railway (WR) to give it some of its retrofitted rakes, since it has got a brand-new Bombardier rake and is expecting the second rake in the coming month. “We just couldn’t afford to keep running the trains anymore and we can afford to remove only three trains but we need to get them all out,” said the official.

The CR runs 1,610 trains on its mainline, Harbour and Trans-Harbour lines and runs 53 Seimens, eight BHEL, 22 retrofitted and 30 pure Direct Current (15,00 v) trains.