Central Railway officials take steps to tackle water shortage

PUNE: The Pune railway administration has initiated steps to tackle water crisis in ongoing summer season. The administration has identified three spots for additional borewells to supply water to the station for cleaning purposes. Besides, the administration has issued strict instructions to its staff to initiate action against those found wasting water in the station premises.

The Pune station registers departure and arrival of about 150 trains every day and requires about 22 lakhlitre water. The station is already facing about 10% to 20% cut in daily water supply. The administration said that this cut could increase further in next month if water scarcity increases.

A railway official said, “The administration is largely depended on water supply from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to meet drinking water requirement at the station. We will check if water available in borewells is suitable for drinking, otherwise it will be used for cleaning and other purposes”.

An official said that other prominent railway stations in Pune division were not facing water crisis as of now. However, the administrations at the respective stations have been asked to prepare contingency plans to maintain water supply for passengers. Instructions are issued to repair the leakages and increase number of water storage tanks.