Central Railway seeks additional provision in ATVMs for issuing Extension Tickets

Officials from the Central Railways (CR) have written to the Railway Board asking for technology for issuing extension tickets via the Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM).

The Coupon Vending Machines (CVM) will be phased out by April 30 on both the Central and Western Railway. The ATVM currently only gives out normal single and return journey tickets, but this proposal will enable a commuter to get an extension ticket according to their pass taking away the hassle of standing in a queue for the same.

The railways have received complaints from commuters who have said that they currently use coupons as an extension ticket, instead of standing in long queues at the ticket counter.

Manjir Maindarkar (24), a photographer, who travels from Panvel to Sion, said that she often punches coupons at Kurla or Dadar when changing to the mainline on CR or the Western Railway (WR). “I often go for shoots in different parts of the city due to which I keep travelling from Harbour to mainline on the CR or WR. I usually don’t stand in line at the ticket counter to take an extension ticket, but just punch the coupons instead.”

Although the CR is open to the extension technology on its ATVM, WR which still has only two per cent of its commuters on ATVM, is hesitant. “WR is hesitant since most of their commuters have not shifted to ATVM for normal ticketing so extension tickets is another matter,” added the official.

The CR has a total of 25 per cent of its commuters who use the ATVM machines while the only 2 per cent of WR commuters use the machines.