Central Railway to carry two traffic blocks this week

MUMBAI: The Central Railway will operate two traffic blocks on the Up and Down north-east lines between Asangaon and Vasind stations for engineering work on Monday and Wednesday.

“The block will be carried out from 10.20 am to 11.20 am on Monday and Wednesday. It will lead to cancellation of two trains — the Asangaon local leaving CST at 9.26 am and the CST local leaving Asangaon at 11.16 am,” CR spokesperson, A K Singh, said.

The CST local scheduled to leave Kasara at 10.10 am will be rescheduled to leave Kasara at 10.40 am. “Express trains arriving Mumbai during the block period will also be regulated and arrive their destination ten to 20 minutes behind schedule,” he stated.

“Passengers are requested to kindly bear with the railway administration for the inconvenience caused during the two days,” he added.