Centre speeds up Teteliya-Byrnihat-Shillong Rail line project

train-to-meghalayaTo bring the North Eastern states on the railway network, the Government has taken up two new line projects on Northeast Frontier Railway.

The two projects were Teteliya (Assam) Byrnihat (Meghalaya) and Byrnihat-Shillong (Meghalaya).

The 22-km Teteliya-Byrnihat project had been taken up at the latest anticipated cost of Rs 496-crore and the 108-km Byrnihat-Shillong line would come up at a cost of Rs 5,308-crore, officials said.

For the Teteliya-Byrnihat, an expenditure of Rs 235-crore had been incurred up to March, 2016. Earthwork, bridges and tunnels works have already been taken up. An allocation of Rs 150-crore had been made in 2015-16 and Rs 160-crore in 2016-17 to expedite the completion of the project.

Similarly, for the Byrnihat-Shillong railway line, an expenditure of Rs 21-crore had already been incurred up to March, this year and an outlay of Rs 300-crore had been provided for 2016-17.

The Project was held up due to protest of Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), officials said. The final location survey was stopped by the Khasi Students’ Union, in November, 2010 after survey of 19 kms.

The survey was again taken up in December, 2013, since then it had been stopped by the KSU on many occasions of varying duration.

The final location survey had since been completed for 104-km. Regular meetings with the State Government were being convened to sort out various issues.

Due to various uncertainties with reference to land acquisition, law and order and other issue, it was not feasible to fix time lines for completion of this project, the officials said.

In Teteliya-Byrnihat and Byrnihat-Shillong new line projects, location of Byrnihat and Shillong were identified for development of goods handling facilities.