CG Power Bags Rs.319 Crore Order From Indian Railways

NEW DELHI: Avantha Group Company, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited (CG) today said it has bagged an order from Indian Railways valued at Rs 319 crore to supply under slung electrics for Diesel Electric Tower Car (DETC).

Large quantities of DETCs are required for massive track electrification drive taken up by Indian Railways across the country, a company statement said. According to the statement, more than 1,000 DETCs shall be required for electrification and thereafter for inspection and maintenance in the coming years. This came on the back of certain successful executions of earlier railway orders by CG Power where it worked with multiple partners to erect and commission various projects at railway production units and railway sheds, it said.

CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited (CG) is a USD 2 billion engineering conglomerate with an impressive and diverse portfolio of products, solutions and services for Power and Industrial equipments and solutions, addressing myriad needs. Enjoying a reputation of stature for over seven decades, CG, which originates in India, has transformed itself into a global corporation. With a permanent footprint and manufacturing facilities in nine countries across Asia, Europe and North America, CG is fast emerging as a first choice supplier of high quality, ”smart” electrical, industrial and consumer products and solutions all over the world.

Underslung mounted twin power packs, each consisting of Diesel engine coupled to AC Generator. Each power pack drives two traction motor in each bogies

CG Power is the first to design, develop, integrate, receive approval and commission state-of-the-art propulsion system for diesel electric tower car with underslung electrics working in close coordination with ICF Chennai, it added.

The company’s CEO and Managing Director, K N Neelkant, said, CG has been a long serving partner of Indian Railways.

With the Indian Railways making bold moves towards electrification, this partnership has become even more critical and value-accretive.”

“With its commitment to state-of-the-art technology and innovation, CG has been able to provide customised solutions to the Indian Railways which has enabled it to make more significant contributions, Neelkant added.

CG offers products, services and solutions through multiple revenue streams comprising two business segments, viz. Power Systems and Industrial Systems.

Power Systems,CG is amongst the top 10 transformer manufacturers in the world; and one of the very few companies worldwide, that designs and manufactures such a wide range of Power and Distribution Transformers as well as Reactors from 160kVA to 1500MVA, and 11kV to 765 kV Class, conforming to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS and other International Standards. It has supplied more than 60 numbers of 765kV class transformers all over India. CG is a preferred supplier for a wide range of Transformers and Reactors for many critical applications. CG products find use in Industries, Power Utilities, Railways, Mines, and a wide population of Industrial users internationally. CG is the first Indian manufacturer to develop and supply coupling transformers for dynamic reactive power compensation (DRPC) applications like static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), static VAR compensator (SVC) etc. Development of India’s first coupling transformer for STATCOM applications has been published by Central Board of Irrigation & Power under Publication No. 338 at 6th International Conference on Large Power Transformers – Modern Trends in Application, Installation, Operation & Maintenance held on 22-23 February, 2017, New Delhi, India.

Industrial Systems is engaged in the business of power conversion equipment; a wider spectrum of High and Low Tension rotating machines (motors and alternators), stampings, as well as railway transportation & signaling products. Industrial Systems is largely India focused with a very strong market presence and market leadership position in many segments,. It also caters to foreign markets through its facilities in Hungary and exports. Its product portfolio includes motors & generators ranging from 20W to 30MW. We enjoy a market leadership for AC Motors and the second position in AC Generators and DC Motors in India. CG is the largest manufacturer of Low Tension motors in India offering a range of AC and DC motors ranging from 0.18kW to 4MW in various standards and customized configurations to respond to the exacting demands of the industry.