Chennai Blasts: Was Bomb planted in train between Byappanahalli yard and City Station?

चेन्‍नई Chennai (MAS): The Crime Branch (CB)-CID police from Chennai are not ruling out the possibility that the bombs, which exploded in the Kaziranga Express in Chennai, were planted much before the train reached the Bangalore City Railway Station and are trying to locate CCTV cameras installed in houses and buildings on the route.

“If there are CCTV cameras en route, they may provide vital clues into whether something happened on the train before it reached the City Railway Station,” a city police officer said.

“The team is particularly looking at whether some of the coach doors on the train were open before the train reached station, which would indicate that someone was on the train before it reached the station and picked up the passengers,” he said.

The Kaziranga Express was stationed at the Byappanahalli yard, from where it came to the City Railway Station and picked up passengers traveling between Bangalore and Guwhati.

On Thursday, the CB-CID officials, along with the city police, took a recce of the route in a motor trolley. They have also requested for a detailed map of the railway station from the General Railway Police (GRP).

The lack of security at railway yards was identified as a risk soon after these twin blasts. In a circular issued to all the Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors and Circle Inspectors in the Railways in Karnataka on May 1, the Railway SP has asked both RPF and GRP to mandatorily inspect the railway yards regularly.

“Railway yards, where many trains are stationed, barely have any security. Apart from the RPF, the GRP should also, consistently, check yards and be on the lookout for unidentified or suspicious persons or objects. Night rounds should also be mandatorily done by both RPF and the GRP,” the SP directed, recommending the usage of binoculars and search lights to do so.

The twin blasts in the Kaziranga Express killed a 24-year-old techie from Bangalore and injured 14 others. The blast took place at the Chennai Railway station on May 1.