Chennai Metro begins work to restore caved-in portion of GST Road

Chennai: On Saturday, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) workers swung into action to restore the portion of the GST Road that had caved in on Friday due to excavation work being carried out between OTA and Meenambakkam.

The traffic police — which had to manage traffic for most part of Friday — helped the CMRL restore the lane on the Meenambakkam-Guindy side.

After the road caved in, Metro Rail workers did temporary patchwork with concrete mixture. For now, traffic has been diverted to one side of the road, and sources say it will remain so till the restoration work is complete.

“Work is being carried out on GST Road and unexpectedly, the road caved in last evening. We are not sure about the reason. Even though we have placed beams to prevent the road from caving in the soil here is very loose and the showers yesterday should have loosened the soil further. The amount of traffic on the road could have also contributed to the crack,” a CMRL official said, adding: “We have filled in cement in the side of the road to prevent the crack from expanding and the cement will act as a solid wall and will support the road. Once the filling of cement is completed the road will be permanently repaired.”

There was not much traffic on Saturday as, the traffic police said, many motorists avoided the road on hearing about the incident.