Chennai: Woman caught under train, escapes death by Whisker

Chennai (MAS):  A 25-year-old woman today had a miraculous escape in Chennai after she cleverly lay down between the railway tracks when she spotted a speeding train approaching her.

M Sahana Devi, a designer by profession, was crossing the tracks at the suburban Perambur railway station to reach the platform to take a train to her work place.

An EMU train bound for Chennai Central from Arakkonam was approaching the station at that time.

Unaware of it, Sahana attempted to cross the tracks.

“She was using an earphone listening to music on her mobile phone. She could not hear the shout of other commuters about the approaching train, S Sekar, Inspector, Government Railway Police, Perambur told.

When she noticed the train, it was only several feet away. “As if guided by intuition and presence of mind, she lay down between the tracks and miraculously survived. There were no injuries but for minor bruises,” the inspector said, adding that she was in a state of severe shock and was taken to a hospital.

Stating that the spot where Sahana found herself in front of the train has a narrow bend, he said, “If she had tried to move back or forth swiftly, she would have been hit.”

Despite warnings and levy of fines, some commuters continued to take risks, he added.