Chidambaram Railway Station needs more attention

Chidambaram (CDM):  Though the temple town of Chidambaram has found a place in railway map as one of the “sacred destinations” of the country, Bhuvaneswar Express that runs through the town does not halt there, according to C.D. Appavu, secretary, Consumer Guild of Tamil Nadu.

At a Railway Consultative Committee meeting held recently, Mr. Appavu said that Bhuvaneswar Express should have a halt at the Chidambaram station as there are several renowned temples in and around the town. For taking up renovation works at the railway station, Southern Railway authorities had closed down the parcel service. It is yet to be restored though the station has resumed operation.

Mr. Appavu also said that digital boards put up on the platforms were non-functional as they lacked power connection. He urged Southern Railway to make Chidambaram the starting point for Mayiladuthurai-Mysore Express and Mayiladuthurai-Tirunelveli Passenger.

He also wanted long-distance trains bound for Kolkata and Delhi to ply through Chidambaram.

Though there were three ticket counters at the Chidambaram station, only one was functioning. The single counter was taking care of reservation of regular tickets and ‘tatkal’ tickets, but at different time slots.

Reservation for regular tickets could be done only between 8 a.m. and 9.45 a.m., and for ‘tatkal,’ between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. After 11 a.m., reservation for regular tickets would continue.

Those who come to book ‘tatkal’ tickets at 8 a.m. would have to wait till 10 a.m. and vice versa. Therefore, Mr. Appavu made a request to the authorities to open another counter.