China creates first ever Electric Train to run without conventional tracks

The day of the conventional railway line could soon be over as engineers in China have developed the first ever train/tram to run without conventional tracks.

In what is described as revolutionary first the train which is electric has already begun operating on the streets of Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.

According to Chinese media the new train which runs on a virtual track can carry up to 300 people at a time and run at speeds of 43 mph with the potential to go faster in the future.

The new train which developed by the CRRC Corporation, is expected to be rolled out in other cities within the next year and could very well become the future of public transport in other countries across the globe within the next decade.

It is believed that the revolutionary new train only requires 10 minutes of charging and it can travel over 15 miles before it needs to be recharged again.

CRRC also say the train which is still being developed will have lifespan of 25 years and they will become fully automated in the near future.

The sophisticated technology which is considered to be game changer in the terms of how trains operate works by following a dotted tlines which are painted on a road surface.