China, Nepal invite India to join trans-Himalayan Railway project under OBOR

Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gwayali with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing.

BEIJING: China and Nepal today said they would take forward plans to build a trans-Himalayan railway and economic corridor. This was decided at a meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries. They also invited India to join the project.

Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gwayali met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing for talks and discussed ambitious plans to take forward a range of infrastructure projects Including connectivity across the Himalayas.

Urging India to join the initiative, Wang Yi said, “Support for Nepal’s development should be a common understanding between India and China.”

He further said that China and Nepal had “long-term vision” on building a “trans-Himalayan connectivity network” and already agreed a memorandum of understanding on cooperating under China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative.

This, he said, “can create conditions” for China, Nepal and India to come together.

Gwayali said that both sides had agreed to take forward feasibility studies on the cross-border railway from Gyirong on the Nepal-Tibet border to Kathmandu and further to Pokhara and also to Lumbini.

“I have a dream of travelling to China from Nepal on a modern train across the Himalayas and enjoying the scenic beauty,” he added.