Chinese CRRC built Macedonia train sets roll-off Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive production line

A train car set to be exported to Macedonia in CRRC's Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company, China
A train car set to be exported to Macedonia in CRRC’s Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company, China

Beijing: Rail train cars marked for export to Macedonia rolled off the production line of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, under the auspices of CRRC Corp., in the first step by China into Europe’s rail train market, reports Shanghai’s Jiemian News.

The train cars, which are certified by the European standard TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability), also represent a milestone in the export of China-made rail products to Europe. Previous shipments consisted of less advanced electric trains, and subway and light-rail trains. They have been produced according to a contract signed by CRRC and Macedonia in June 2014.

Chen Xihong, the deputy chief engineer of CRRC and head of project oversight, said that the train sets embody years of the company’s experience in train manufacturing, notably in the areas of fire-proofing and insulation, as well as a humanistic design and sanitation.

The exterior of the cars have been painted red and yellow, to reflect the colors of Macedonia’s national flag, said the report.

The trains boast a maximum speed of 160 km/hour, even faster than the 140 km/hour specified in the contract.

The sets will be running the 215km rail between Tabanovce, bordering Serbia in the north, and Gevgelija, bordering Greece in the south. The line passes through Skopje, Macedonia’s capital. and accounts for 80% of rail transportation in Macedonia, making it a key key section of the pan-Europe No. 10 rail corridor.

CRRC, China’s leading rail-equipment manufacturer, has landed overseas orders exceeding 30 billion yuan (US$4.8 billion) in value so far, including a US$2.1 billion order for electric trains from South Africa, a record for China-made rail equipment.

CRRC is eyeing several high-speed rail, railway, and inter-city rail projects in the US, including a high-speed rail in California and a Chicago subway, according to chairman Cui Dianguo.

In addition, CRRC announced its success in landing a number of overseas contracts on June 10, including 880 million yuan (US$141.7 million) and 560 million yuan (US$90.2 million) contracts for subway trains with India and Turkey, respectively, as well as a 280 million yuan (US$45.1 million) contract for electric trains with Uzbekistan.