Chinese Wireless Router Hacks Indian Railway’s IRCTC Website

A pack of hackers have spread their wings across the entire country, bringing down many important websites for gaining publicity or making a quick buck. Only recently the website to have been attacked by them is none other than that of the Indian Railways.

Railways Protection Force (RPF) holds that the main hacker is extremely clever, who has sound technological knowledge, otherwise it was extremely difficult to hack a site with such a full-proof security plan as that IRCTC has put in  place.  The investigation being conducted has led RPF to arrest a ticket broker from Durg, who was in possession of some Chinese hacking equipment.

During interrogation, the hacker cum ticket broker admitted how easily he could book tickets within just 10 minutes of the booking website opening up. He also revealed that they used to load all the data into a specific software, with the help of which they could get confirmed tickets by making use of Fake IDs.

The RPF investigation says that the hackers used to create Fake IDs on private ticket booking platforms registered with IRCTC. With the help of this, they used to hack the IRCTC website for few minutes daily and book confirmed tickets. Not just to book tickets to and from Raipur, but the hackers would break into the entire data of confirmed tickets for all of Eastern Railways.

Despite the failure of IRCTC to secure their ticket booking portal, higher Railway officials are  unwilling to take responsibility about the frequent breaches made into the so called ‘full proof’ software. This is not the first time that the site has been hacked but the officials are in denial mode. It was only after the secret investigation department of RPF came out with a reports about the vulnerability of the website to hacking that the matter has come out in the public.

RPF has directed the railway officials of Bhilai and Raipur to further investigate the matter and get the wireless routers checked by experts, however, the officials have still not been able to appoint any specialist to do a security audit. It may be noted that these are not just simple WiFi routers, but they have been helping hackers break in for quiet some time and the China made routers are allegedly helping in exposing the website to web criminals.