Chitfund Sufferers’ calls for ‘Rail Roko’ in Kolkata: 20000 expected to squat on Railway Lines

कोलकता Kolkata (COAA): Chitfund Sufferes’ Unity Forum has called for a ‘Rail Roko’ on May 2 across the state in protest against the deaths related to the Saradha scam. According to the organization, around 20,000 activists are expected to squat on railway lines to drive home the point of families waiting for justice.

“Arrest all chit fund owners,” said Ashim Chatterjee at a press meet on Tuesday. “We are sorry. We will maintain decency. But be warned, the state will be paralysed,” he added. Educationist Sunando Sanyal, too, attacked the Trinamool government and criticized the “autocratic Mamata Banerjee” in his speech. Former labour minister Anadi Sahu said they had sent a letter to the CM on April 11 but no reply has come yet. “We don’t have any other option other than a rail or road strike. I support the plan,” he said. Lok Sabha candidate of Congress and former IAS officer Sukhabilas Barma also showed solidarity with the activists.

PDS leader Samir Patitunda stressed on the suicides caused by the chit fund scam and said: “The public wants to show its concern. One thing must be considered that all major parties so far have highlighted the Saradha scam in Bengal. No one can ignore it. People have no other options.

When asked why inconvenience students and job seekers coming via railways, the activists said: “We hope they will understand we have no other choice. Sixty three people have died, and the number could go up to 163000 if the matter is not checked.” They also launched a direct attack on the Trinamool government, accusing it of shielding the guilty. But in this unusually hot summer, where pedestrians and motorcyclists are fainting due to dehydration, a rail disruption may find few takers, much less supporters.