Chuggng of Namma Metro on Malleshwaram-Peenya stretch likely to get delayed

Malleshwara (MWM):  If you have been waiting for Malleswaram-Pee­nya Metro line to reduce traffic chaos in your area, your wait has gotten longer as the line will take some more time to become operational.

After faltering on many deadlines, the BM­RCL had promised that the commercial ope­ration on Reach 3 and 3A between Mall­esw­ar­am and Peenya would start by the first week of December. But the BM­RCL needs to conduct more trials and get additional certifications bef­o­re throwing open the line to the pu­b­lic.

The BMRCL says that the line could now be opened in January next year. But it is not likely, considering the lengthy procedure that is yet to follow. The stretch was to open in May this year, but the deadline was postponed to July and then to August and later to September. In October, Minister for Transport and Bangalore City Ramalinga Reddy had announced that the stretch would see laun­ched latest by the first week of Dece­mber 2013.

There is some progress on the stretch with the oscillation trials having begun this week. The oscillation trials, which have to be certified by the  Rese­arch Design and Stan­dards Organ­isation (RDSO), Luck­now, were supposed to be conducted in August, but were delayed as the BMRCL received Sch­edule of Dime­nsions (SoD) clearance only in mid-Oct­ober from the Rai­lway Ministry on two issues — horizontal and vertical clearances for walkways at curves and exe­mption from provision of check rails at the depot.

The oscillation trials are expected to get over this month. The BM­RCL can approach the Com­­missioner for Me­tro Rail Safety for inspection only after the RDSO’s speed certification. If all parameters are met during the inspection, the CMRS will issue a safety certification and the BMRCL will then appr­oach the Railways Mini­stry for star­ting commercial operations.