CISF at Metro to reduce peak-hour frisking time

NEW DELHI: Peak-hour queues at Delhi Metro stations are set to get shorter with Central Industrial Security Force working on systems to reduce frisking time. According to CISF DG Rajiv, peak hour frisking time will soon be reduced from 8-12 to 5-6 minutes.

Stations such as Rajiv Chowk and Chandni Chowk see large amounts of passenger gather at one time during peak hours leading to long queues. Central Industrial Security Force, which guards the Metro stations, has decided to effectively bring down the time taken to frisk passengers and their baggage by deploying more personnel and gadgets at selected Metro stations which see a rush of commuters. “We will be deploying extra manpower and machines at 8-10 busy stations. We have asked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to give us more space at these stations so that we can enhance our logistics in order to handle the rush of passengers,” Rajiv said while interacting with journalists two days before the 44th Raising Day of the force.

The CISF DG said the DMRC has some limitations when it comes to providing additional space at busy Metro stations like Rajiv Chowk, Central Secretariat, Chandni Chowk and others but “they are trying” as much as they can.

“We have found out that during peak time it takes about 8-12 minutes to clear the rush of passengers…. We want this to be brought down to 5-6 minutes,” Rajiv said. The CISF chief also said the force has identified certain vulnerable patches in the Metro stations that need to be properly covered and brought under CCTV surveillance.