CISF’s Metro helpline reports heavy spike in queries related to alcohol

Is it okay if I take along my pet in the Metro? Will you allow a sealed liquor bottle in my bag? Can I take the Metro after getting drunk?

These are some of the questions callers asked ever since the CISF helpline was launched last May. Officials say that after alcohol was included in a list of items prohibited on the Metro at the beginning of this year, the number of calls has doubled and the majority of them are about carrying liquor bottles.

Around 350 calls a month were made to the helpline till December. The questions were largely related to stations and routes. But since January, the number of calls has spiked to about 700 a month, and most of them are about carrying liquor bottles or the presence of men in women’s coaches.

“A majority of the callers ask about carrying liquor or if it is okay to get into the Metro drunk,” a CISF officer, who wished not to be named, said. “We have begun issuing challans to drunk passengers,” the officer added.  Other sources said that around 30% of the calls were related to prohibited items.

“We would normally receive calls related to three issues: Unattended bags, the presence of men in women’s coaches and complaints of long queues at Metro stations. But we began receiving calls about prohibited items after a circular was issued by the Delhi Metro on January 4,” another CISF officer said.