Citizens urge Railways attention to Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station

railway-stationVaranasi Jn (BSB): Passengers are facing a lot of difficulty in finding out the arrival timing of the trains and other information as almost all means of passenger information system at the ‘A’ grade rated Cantonment Railway Station seem to be out of order.

Be it announcement for train arrival, information display board or coach guidance system, all the information systems are running out of order at this station which is also considered as one of the busiest railway stations.

Listening to announcement of train arrival at any of the platforms apart from the platform number one is almost a useless attempt as the volume is too low for being audible. However, station authorities deny any technical problem with the passenger information system at the station and instead blame the crowd at the station premises for the problem. But if passengers are to believed then the similar problem was witnessed on the days even when crowd was less.

According to Kailash Singh, a traveller, the information is least audible even when standing exactly at the middle of the platform. “To know the correct status of a train we need to go to the enquiry counter as the announcements are least useful. This becomes very hectic,” said Singh, who was waiting for a passenger train destined for Lucknow.

A daily passenger, Ram Asre shared, “The announcement is completely unclear during evening and night hours as the volume is too low to understand even a single word.” And the problem generally leads to confusion among passengers regarding the position of trains. It may be noted here that the announcement system gives information about arrival, departure and delay of trains and the platform they will arrive on.

Apart from anomalies in announcement system, the information display board in the front lobby of station premises is also lying defunct. According to the vendors and security people standing in the area, the display board has been showing faulty signs since a long time and stops functioning for about 3 to 4 hours everyday.

It is important to note that with approach of winters most trains might get delayed due to bad weather and fog in coming days and in such cases the passenger information system must be up to the mark for the convenience of passengers.

Besides, the coach guidance systems located at various platforms are also not giving proper information due to technical snag. The coach guidance system enables passengers to locate the position of their coaches easily before the arrival of train. At Cantonment Railway Station, these display boards for coach guidance are located at platform number one, five, seven, eight and nine.

On the other hand, station authorities are also making many mistakes in announcement system and electronic information system. Station manager, AK Pandey, has ordered the officials concerned to check the anomalies in the entire station premises and said a detailed report will sent to the divisional office, Northen Railways for the needful repair works to be carried out in this regard.