Clueless Northern Railway authorities run helter-skelter on Fire outbreak in Guard’s Coach

Jalandhar (JUC):  Even though 24 hours have passed, the Northern Railway authorities seemed to be clueless about the cause of the fire in a parked coach of the Amritvani Express here late last night.

Although the local authorities conducted a preliminary investigation round into the incident, they were unable to find out the cause of the fire that had engulfed the guard’s cabin and destroyed it completely.

“There is a possibility of a short-circuit that may have caused the fire outbreak in the cabin, but it is not confirmed. Only the detailed investigation that will happen sometime next month will reveal the exact cause of the tragedy,” said SS Walia, station superintendent, city railway station.

On Sunday, the local authorities constituted a team of five members, comprising SS Walia, Station Superintendent, City Railway Station, Parminder Singh, SSE, (Carriages and Wagon), Sharda, SSE (Loco), SP Singh, SSE (Power) and Narinder Singh, ASI (RPF), immediately after the incident.

The team visited the spot around 5 am and video-graphed the whole scene. After doing the preliminary investigation for almost four hours, the team left the spot at around 9.30 am. Two officials were also reported to have joined the investigations from Amritsar.

The coach was parked on track No. 6 to begin its journey to Ambala. Earlier, it had arrived on the city railway station carrying around 1,600 passengers from Begumpura. After its arrival, it was taken to the yard for cleaning and later was parked on track No. 6 to be sent back to Ambala. It was only during this time that the railways staff at the station saw some smoke coming out from the guard’s cabin. They immediately informed the fire services. The fire was so severe that it took 45 minutes to control it. The rest of the coaches were immediately separated from the guard’s cabin and were sent to Ludhiana. A detailed investigation into the case will be held later next month.