Coal ladden Goods Train derails between Khurda-Berhampur section

जगन्‍नातपुर Jagannathapur (JNP):  Train services from Khurda to Berhampur were hit on Thursday as two wagons of a goods train got derailed.

A coal-laden goods train running from Talcher to Simhadhri got derailed near Jagannathpur near Chhatrapur in Ganjam district on Thursday forenoon, which resulted in disruption of train services between Ganjam and Chhatrapur stations, sources said.

The coal-laden train while going to Visakhapatnam slowed down near Narasinghpur-Jagannathpur railway station, around 10 km from the city, due to excess load and rain. Such trains normally have two engines, one at the front and another at the back, the station master said.  Since this train was overloaded, two compartments derailed while the train was pushed by the rear engine. The train guard, LM Narayana, who sustained injuries was admitted to Chhatrapur Hospital and later shifted to railway hospital in Andhra Pradesh.

As a track at the Narasinghpur-Jagannathpur railway station was blocked following the mishap, trains like Superfast Express from Villipuram to Kharagpur was detained at Berhampur railway station for over three hours.

A wagon of the goods train slipped off the tracks; however the drain driver showed enough presence of mind to apply brakes immediately, which averted a major accident. Several trains including Howrah-Chennai Mail were detained midway and were running late on the route as tracks were not cleared. However, East Coast Railway officials and engineers immediately rushed to the spot and worked on war-footing to resume normalcy, railway sources said.

Manager of the railway station, Durga Prasad Brahma, said at present all the trains are plying on a single track and running one to two hours late.