Collector asks railway officials to open Chhola railway crossing

Bhopal Collector Nikunj Shrivastava on Wednesday asked the railway officials to open the Chhola railway crossing that was closed last month leading to considerable protests in the city.

The Collector had convened a meeting of railway officials at his office wherein he asked the railway officials to take necessary steps for opening the gates keeping in view the major inconvenience the local residents are facing since the gates were shut in March.

The Railway officials said that a proposal in this regard would be sent to the senior officials concerned and the gates would be opened once permission is granted.

Notably, the closing of the gates had led to considerable protests in the area as the people had to face serious problems in accessing basic facilities. The closing down of the railway crossing has blocked the path of over 25,000 residents of Kainchi Chhola area. The only way that remained opened to the area was the under-bridge, but heavy vehicles like trucks, ambulance and fire brigade could not pass through it.

It was alleged by the protestors that district administration has misled the railway officials and have got the railway crossings closed down permanently. Initially nearby residents were told that the crossing has been closed down for repair work but later it was closed down permanently.

Notably, the Youth Congress , the BJP had joined hands in leading the protests. They alleged that due to the wrong decision, necessary facilities like fire brigade and ambulances are not reaching Kainchi Chhola area of the State capital.