Commuters to avail Metro Train every 15 minutes in Kolkata Metro on Sundays

Kolkata (KOAA): Metro Railway will run trains at 15-minute interval right from the start of its service at 9.50am from this Sunday.

Till last week, trains used to run at an interval of 30 minutes between 9.50am and 2pm and at an interval of 15 minutes between 2pm and 10pm.

“Since Metro started running trains from 10am on Sundays from December 2013, we have seen a steady rise in passenger count and nowadays, several trains on Sunday mornings even run with capacity crowd,” the Metro spokesperson said.

“Hence, we have decided to increase the frequency of trains to distribute the passenger load and make the journey more comfortable for them,” the spokesperson said.

Metro currently runs 94 trains on Sundays. The increase in frequency would mean an addition of eight more trains, taking the total number of trains in the city to 102.

Metro will reduce the interval between trains on Saturday night as well.

“Till last week I used to take a bus or a taxi to reach my workplace on Sarat Bose Road on Sundays.

“The 30-minute intervals on Sundays were hardly of any use,” said Niladri Basu of Belgachhia. “But now on, life will get easier.”

Ever since Metro services were advanced on Sundays, the daily footfall has increased from 1.5 lakh to 3.7 lakh.

The footfall between 10am and 2pm is over 1.5 lakh. On weekdays, the number is about 6 lakh.

Commuters lauded the Metro but said it would be better if the timings are stretched till 11pm.