Commuters step up demand for Pune-Nashik track: ZRUCC

NASHIK: Residents travelling by trains want early realisation of their demands of the Nashik-Pune tracks and maximum use of the fourth platform constructed with state government governments.

On Saturday, they presented a memorandum in favour of their demands to Central Railway general manager D K Sharma. “The demand for the Nashik-Pune railway tracks is pending for long and is a feasible one given the volume of business between the two cities. In addition, the construction of the track will provide a faster route for freight movement towards southern India too,” said Siddheshwar Shinde, Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC).

Sharma was here for the annual inspection of the section from Igatpuri to Bhusawal in Bhusawal division. He inspected Devlali, Nashik Road and Manmad railway stations before reaching Bhusawal, the divisional headquarters of Central Railways.

“What we want is horticulture trains that will help the farmers transport goods from Nashik region the earliest. There is scope for such trains to carry grapes, onions, pomegranates, bananas and other produce. This will help the tillers get the right price,” said Rajesh Fokane, president of the Bhusawal Division Railway Users Consultative Committee (DRUCC) said.

The railway commuters also want a better parking space for four-wheelers. “The current parking slot is congested and has the entry via Devi Chowk. Instead, the space allotted for two-wheelers can be utilised,” Fokne said.