Complete List of Special Trains for ‘Holi’ 2014

In order to clear the extra rush during the season of Holi, Indian Railways has arranged for a list of special trains. By enhancing the passenger carrying capacity, Indian Railways tries to cater to the railway passengers. The special trains scheduled will run on a temporary basis. This service will be available to passengers till 31 March 2014.

Holi, the festival of colours is observed across India and people travel to their natives to celebrate it with their families. Every year, trains are jam-packed during festival and holiday seasons and to tackle this problem, Indian Railways has come up with special trains. Indian Railways aims to meet the peak demand for travel during the Holi Festival.

Apart from providing the special train services, Indian Railways has also tightened the roles and responsibilities of its staff to guarantee smooth operation. They have made various arrangements to avoid malpractices during reservations or any other unfortunate incidents. Squads and vigilance inspectors have been appointed to perform special checks during this holiday season.

“Northern Railway is gearing up to tackle the upcoming Holi and Summer Rush of 2014 rolling out its action plan to ensure smooth functioning of reservation counters, complaint free various passenger amenities and to check the malpractices in reservation offices,” stated a press release from Indian Railways.

More details about the train schedule can be accessed by dialing the the enquiry number 139 or click here to get more information (OR)  Click below link to access the list of trains in .pdf format.
Holi Spl Trains