CONCOR’s Khodiyar ICD registers 1.76 lakh TEUs – Highest Throughput during 2013-14

खोडियार Khodiyar (KHD): The Container Corporation of India’s North West Region, comprising ICD-Khodiyar, Sabarmati, Vadodara, Ankleshwar and Gandhidham, achieved a benchmark handling performance of 2.55 lakh TEUs in 2013 to 2014, an overall growth of 3.35%. The year saw a record 500 rakes a month being handled in July 2013, surpassing the previous best 490 rakes in February that year. CONCOR’s rail operations are steadfastly catering to Gujarat ports, i.e. Mundra and Pipavav and Hazira for evacuating boxes to various ICDs/CFSs in the state, North India and NCR.

CONCOR currently operates 200 trains a month each from Mundra and Pipavav, up 13.35% compared to the previous year, in the process offering the fastest turnaround of trains and import containers and leveraging the ever-increasing cost of transport, highlighted a release.

Despite the increasing competition in the sector, CONCOR’s ICD-Khodiyar registered its highest throughput of 1.76 lakh TEUs during 2013 to 2014, an increase of 7.6% over the previous fiscal, with the highest ever performance of 16,163 TEUs in February 2014. It attributed the improved performance to the continuing addition of infrastructure capacity at the ICD, the customer friendly approach and support of the trade. The ICD also saw increase in train movement to 72 rakes in March 2014, with 33 rakes to Mundra Port and 24 rakes to Pipavav Port, totalling 735 trains during the year.

The ICD received permission from CDSCO to import drugs and pharmaceuticals, a P&Q office was established for expeditious clearance of agro products and the process was initiated to shift the CRCL laboratory from Vadodara to ICD-Khodiyar.

CONCOR envisages a sizable addition to infrastructure capacity at the ICD, more rolling stock and commissioning of a multimodal logistics park during the current financial year.

ICD-Ankleshwar was supplemented with massive infrastructure in the form of extended paved area for container storage, full length rake facility, new warehouse and administrative building. It is also making headway in catering to Hazira and JN Port, with more than 45,000 TEUs during 2013 to 2014, up 43% over the previous fiscal.

Mr A Vaasudeve Rao, CGM of CONCOR’s North West Region, stressed that CONCOR will continue to facilitate the trade by adding the requisite infrastructure to ease operations at all its terminals. It will also establish new facilities near industries, which will help the trade to avail of one-stop logistics solutions. CONCOR has major expansion plans to increase capacity of CC paved area, warehousing, rail sidings and other amenities at its Ankleshwar, Vadodara and Gandhidham terminals to keep abreast of the growing demand from the trade. Efforts are on to commence ex-im traffic movement from Morvi too.