J&K right wing parties say construction of Railway Lines is India’s Defense strategy

Srinagar 28/6/2013: Democratic Freedom Party President, Shabir Ahmad Shah Thursday said that the Banihal-Qazigund railway line linking the regions of Jammu and Kashmir and the developmental works is actually the defense strategy of India.  As per a statement issued by the party a meeting was organised at freedom house under the chairmanship of Shabir Ahmad shah in which National Front chairman Naeem Ahmad khan, Muslim conference Shabir Ahmad Dar, JKLF chairman Javaid Ahmad Mir, Islamic political party chairman Muhammad yusuf Naqash and human rights activist Muhammad Ahsan unto participated.

“A threadbare discussion was held on the recent visit of PM Manmohan Singh and Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to the Valley. It was stressed that the construction of railways, bridges, widening of roads, is actually the defence strategy of india which they carry out to give to the shape to their designs”, the statement said.

They said the PM talked about the kashmir issue with the same rigid approach and an approach not based on reality. “Promises about development can’t be a alternative to the freedom. and Kashmiris can’t be lured to accept development at the cost of freedom. It is the 21st century and today’s Kashmiri is able to differentiate between azadi and slavery. The political pundits of India should try to understand that the crores of people of south asia are living under uncertainty because of the dispute of the Kashmir issue,” they said.

“India tries to give an impression that Kashmiri’s are economically dependent on Delhi, which in reality is not the fact. If we will be allowed to utilize our natural resources we will be far ahead of many countries in terms of progress. Shabir Ahmed said that “India has occupied our resources and is playing the propaganda of development”. Their developmental claims are nothing more than a lie,” the leaders said.

“The political development taking place at the world level and the conscience among the youth of Kashmiri’s about the freedom makes it inevitable that kashmir issue has to be solved to bring peace to the whole South Asia.  Kashmiri nation is fighting for the right to self determination and the solution has to found in the UN resolutions.”

The leaders said that India is constructing railways and widening roads in order to strengthen their military power to increase their defense. “By these strategies they will not be able to win the hearts of Kashmiris. India should understand that these things are no substitute to the freedom. Profreedom people of Kashmir will not even think of forgetting azad for the sake of so called development. The pro-Indian’s who gave long statements after the hanging of Afzal Guru about the return of his mortal remains have proved nothing. They all played drama at that time as it has been proved as they have not even opened their mouth before Manmohan Singh about that thing,” the leaders stressed.

They also said that these parties are not well wishers of the Kashmiris. “They are playing with the sentiments of people of Kashmir and are bad wishers of Kashmiri people. On the visit of Prime Minister, Kashmir was turned into a jail. To give the graveyard silence the name of peace is turning away one’s from the realty which is not good for India under any circumstances. The visit was actually a step towards the elections that are going to take place in 2014,” the leaders said in the meeting.