Construction Work on Ahmedabad Metro to begin soon

अहमदाबाद Ahmedabad (ADI): The metro rail construction work in Ahmedabad is a step closer to starting. After inviting proposals for civil elevated construction works and appointment for general engineering consultants, the Metrorail Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) has received 13 proposals. A high-level MEGA team is analyzing technical and financial aspects of the proposals.

For civic construction works, MEGA received proposals from firms including Spanish and Chinese construction companies as partners. “We should start construction within one-and-a-half month. The proposals are under examination,” said a senior MEGA official. For the appointment of the general engineering consultant (GEC), MEGA received proposals from four consortiums that include companies from France, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, South Korea and Switzerland. “The proposals for GEC consultants saw impressive participation. Some of these companies have designed the best railway systems in the world,” claimed a MEGA official.