Copper wire theft rampant in Daltonganj, Railway officials worried

Daltonganj (DTO): Railway officials in Barkana and Phusro in Palamu district are having a tough time checking theft of overhead wires. RPF officials claimed that many villagers of Mehna Gangi and Garnaha in Garhwa are involved in the crime. Earlier, three persons were jailed for stealing wires but that did not help in curbing the theft.

Pankaj Kumar, RPF inspector in Daltonganj, said 50-60m of wires near Garhwa Road junction (East Central Railway) were detached recently, but “thieves could take away only 35-40m”.

Miscreants use hexa blade to cut wires. The blade is fitted to a bamboo pole that is extended to cut copper wires. The procedure is fraught with danger and miscreants, in most cases, do not take simple precautions like using rubber shoes or gloves, said a railway official, adding that they never found such evidence.