Corrupt Rly Minister in China given death sentence, in India made Witness -Baba Ramdev

RamdevChandigarh: Hitting out at former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and the UPA government, yoga guru Baba Ramdev said on Tuesday that fixing death penalty for corrupt people may solve the problem of rampant corruption in the country.  Drawing a comparison between the “RailGate” in India and the China Rail Corruption scandal, Ramdev said at a press conference in Chandigarh that Chinese government knew how exactly to deal with the disease of corruption.

“The railways minister in China was given death sentence for indulging in corruption and here, our railways minister was not only given a clean chit, but was made a witness in the case,” said Ramdev, taking a dig at Bansal and the UPA government.

“I think we could also take a lesson from China and shoot down a couple of corrupt persons, to begin with,” the yoga guru added.

Ramdev said that he would support Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi in the elections because Modi can rid this country of corruption.

“I have not yet announced to support BJP, but I will definitely help Modi win and lead the nation. Modi is a secular man, who knows what ails this country and how to solve this problem,” said the yoga guru.

Ramdev said that while Modi’s USP was his acceptability, BJP still needed to work on its credibility and improve it.

On Monday, Ramdev had told his followers at a rally in Himachal Pradesh that he would not contest elections as he had earlier announced.

Ramdev also took potshots at Nehru-Gandhi family and said that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was dreaming of becoming the prime minister, but till now has not uttered a single word on corruption, black money or rising inflation.

The yoga guru also announced that if Rahul Gandhi found a solution to corruption, black money and inflation, he and his followers would support the Congress vice-president. “My fight is not against individuals, but against the rotting system,” he added.