Court orders Confiscation & Auction of Sheikhpura Railway station to pay Retiral dues of a Station Master

Sheikhpura (SHK): A civil court in Sheikhpura district in Bihar has ordered the confiscation and auction of Sheikhpura railway station to pay the overtime dues of a retired station master.

The overtime amount that stood at Rs 22,080 in 2001 has accrued to Rs 2.5 lakh with interest and fine. The court will start the process of confiscating the railway station on May 29 by issuing and pasting notice for auction. The civil judge (junior division) said the court was constrained to do so because the railways did not bother to pay Misri Raut (71) his overtime dues with interest despite its order in 2009. The court also asked the railways to compensate the retired station master for “physical and mental suffering”.

Misri Raut’s lawyer Janardhan Prasad Singh said: “The court order may sound strange but it reflects on the poor functioning of railways. The court has also asked railways to bear the entire expenses Misri had to spend on execution of the court order. The railways’ lawyer has offered the poor logic of procedural delays in which the court found little merit.”

Singh said the court had imposed a fine of Rs 50 per day for delay since 2004. “As of now, it has gone up to Rs 2.5 lakh. Besides, my client will get reimbursement for court expenses,” said Singh.

Misri Raut, who retired as station master in Sheikhpura in 2003, told: “I am not sure whether I will get the dues. It has been an endless wait. Just see the temerity of railways that it did not bother to obey the court order to pay me my overtime dues. I am still not sure about the other set of legal wrangles. It is my hard-earned money and I want it at all costs. I have already lost my peace of mind fighting unending legal battle”.

Raut, who gets Rs 11,000 monthly pension, said his family of five is dependent on the sum. “I have two sons and a daughter. They have not yet completed their studies. If I get money now, I can be at least sure of funding my children’s education. My life is finished in legal battle. I want peace of mind,” said Raut without showing any excitement on the court order. For him, the only thing matters is getting the money in his bank account with fine and interest.