Court Orders DRM/Kharagpur to Complete the Road at Bampada Rly Crossing within 3 months

Balasore: While constructing the 4 lane Highway between Balasore and Bhadrakh, the NH authorities has left incomplete the road across the railway crossing at Bampada, causing great inconvenience to the passing vehicles. The condition of the portion of the road across the railway line had so deteriorated that it was difficult to pass through it smoothly. Long queue of vehicle jammed on both side of the railway crossing. Many times, accidents have taken place and some people have lost their lives. Frustrated by the attitude and inaction of the NH authorities in spite of repeated reminders and follow-up, NOCCi (North Orissa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) filed a criminal case of public nuisance against the officials of the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) and DRM, S.E.Railway, Kharagpur for their negligence and continuous ignoring to complete and maintain the portion of the Road.

After filing the case, hurriedly, some patch work was done temporarily to make it motorable to some extent. During the court proceedings, NI-IAI authorities and DRM, SE Rly., under whose jurisdiction, the railway crossing falls, accused each other and denying their responsibility to complete the work. It is a matter of relief that after a prolonged legal proceeding, the court has ordered to DRM, S.E.Rly., Kharagpur, to complete the remaining patch within three months. The copy of the court order is attached herewith.

It looks from the court order, if NOCCi had not taken the legal recourse, this portion of the road would not have been completed and the common people would have continued to suffer. It is now hoped that in the near future, the road will be completed and the commuting public and vehicle will have smooth sailing over the patch of road and railway crossing. NOCCi will follow the matter until the work is completed.

Earlier, during 2009 also, NOCCi had to file a similar case against NI-IAI for nonmaintenance of NH-S between Balasore to Bhadrak,which had virtually became non-motorable, after the court initiated a criminal proceeding against the Nl-lAl authorities, the road was repaired quickly to the relief of public and plying vehicle. It is a matter of great regret that, some Govt. authorities are insensitive to public life risk, inconvenience 86 grievances and discharge their duties diligently until they are compelled by the orders of the court.