CR fails to inform CRS on DC-to-AC Conversion

Mumbai: In a major embarrassment to Central Railway, a power transmission tower, limited space, a narrow tunnel and low-lying bridges have yet again stopped the historic conversion of the trains from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

This was to have taken place on Saturday night, but did not only because the commissioner of railway safety was not informed.

CR officials had decided to switch over to AC from the obsolete DC technology on Saturday night. They had issued formal notifications in newspapers and had starting working on the plans. However, at the last minute the commissioner of railway safety said he wants to conduct an inspection along the stretch.

The railway board had issued a permission letter for the conversion but said CR had to be careful at four locations.

Commissioner of railway safety Chetan Bakshi said he had not been informed by CR of the conversion dates. “Now, I will be inspecting the stretch where the conversion is to take place as scheduled,” he said.