CR in trouble as 40 Rakes to be phased-out immediately that past 30-year shell life

मुंबई Mumbai: Central Railway (CR) officials are a worried lot, reason being they have to phase out 40 rakes in the coming two years and each rake of 12 coaches costs the railways a whopping Rs.40 Crore. The decision comes a day after General Manager Sunil Kumar Sood issued a press statement saying that there wasn’t enough money to provide good, safe operation of the current rakes.

Explaining the phasing-out, a senior CR official said on condition of anonymity: “Currently, we run 121 rakes on the CR of which we have to phase out 30 in the next year and another 10 in 2016 as the rakes have already met end-of-life and warranty period also expired for many.”

Adding to the railways’ woes is the fact that the Bombardier make trains that were supposed to replace these 40 rakes are still undergoing trials. “The biggest worry is that the 40 new Bombardier rakes that were supposed to be given to us in phases of four rakes per month from January are still undergoing trials and it is a big risk to keep the existing rakes running if the new ones do not come to us by January,” the senior official added. Think about it; we need at least 240 coaches in order to get those that are beyond their life expectancy off the tracks in order to have safe operations,” the official added.

Asked if the CR was indeed facing an issue, Mr Sood said, “Yes, we have to phase out these 40 rakes as they finish their 30-year life expectancy which is why I have made the statement that we need to get not just the money but also the new rakes. Replacing them as soon as possible is the need of the hour.”