CR looks to maintain Safety gap after current conversion

Sunil Kumar Sood, General Manager, CR flagged off the 250th Diesel Loco manufactured at Loco Workshop, Parel and 600th rehabilitated Coach for passenger services

MUMBAI: The Central Railway (CR) authorities are looking at options for maintaining a safety gap between track and the Over Head Wires (OHE) while the train passes through Currey Road bridge and Hancock bridge after conversion to Alternating Current of 25,000kv from Direct current of 15,00kv.

The CR is expected to complete the conversion between Kurla and CST by the end of May. However, the gap between track and the overhead wires reduces while a train passes beneath the bridge. With the increased voltage in the wires from 15,000 kv to 25,000 kv a space between the train and the OHE is essential to avoid the passage of current. The overhead wires along with the pantograph are compressed down that create a magnetic field around the train creating a possibility of the train being electrocuted.

The officials from engineering and electrical department have been asked to look at the possible solutions for maintaining a safety gap to avoid any such untoward accident. General Manager of CR Sunil Kumar Sood said, “We are working towards getting the system converted to one traction till May 30.”

The bridge at Currey road and the hancock bridge between Sandhurst road and Byculla are crucial where work need to be done. The CR officials are looking at the possibility of lowering the tracks near these bridges to increase the space between the OHE and the train. Where as an insulating paint at the base of these bridges is also being looked upon. An official from CR said, “The insulation paint will help in reducing the electromagnetic field around the train even with reduced height.”