Crack in rail track near Lonavala due to temperature fluctuations

लोनावला Lonavala (LNL):  The Central Railway said that the crack in the rail track near Lonavla station took place due to temperature fluctuations. “It is quite common for tracks to develop cracks when temperature fluctuates. And this is what happened near the Lonavla station,” said A K Jain, Senior Public Relations Officer of Central Railway.

A major mishap involving the Pune-Mumbai Sinhagad Express was averted on Monday morning when an alert railway gangman at Aundhe village near Lonavla station noticed wide cracks on the track.

Rail traffic movement on the busy route was disrupted for an hour-and-a-half on Monday.

“We follow standard procedures, whenever such a cracks develop. The gangmen who are supposed to keep a tab on the tracks have to immediately report it to the senior authorities,” added Jain.

According to Jain, over the last few days there has been temperature fluctuations in the region which is the reason behind the cracks.

“The impact of weather or temperature fluctuation on railway infrastructure is common,” he said.

Pune railway division Public Relations Officer YK Singh said that there has to be regular checking of tracks so that the cracks can be detected and repaired.